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2nd International Conference CBRNE – Research & Innovation

The 1st international conference CBRNe took place from 16 to 19 March 2015 in Antibes -Juan les pins. It was a tremendous success and the organizers decided to organize a second international meeting in Lyon this year, from May 29 to June 1, 2017. It took place over 4 days and gave an update on the evolution of the subjects dealing with CBRNE.
Unit of time and place unit for a parallel meeting “CBRN exposure assessment and medical contermeasures” Advanced Research Workshop.

This second international conference was also very informative. Conferences, poster sessions and industrial presentations have allowed fruitful exchanges, while the current context is rather tense.


The participating organizations were the CEA, the DGA, the Army Health Service, the National Firefighters Federation of France, the University of Lyon-Université Lyon 1. This congress was supported by NATO. Twenty-three companies participated in sponsorship.


The themes of the conferences and posters were very diverse: historical and legal aspects, responses to the crisis, technological challenges, economic problems, medical countermeasures, decontamination, detection, risk management, detection and identification, decontamination, post-crisis and forensic, explosives.
There has been much talk about dual projects with civilian and military applications.

Participation of Ouvry

Ludovic Ouvry, President of the company, presented in plenary session the point of view of the industrialist;

In the context of industrial presentations, Thierry Pollet, R & D manager, showed the advantage of DES’DEC R2D4 in the decontamination of materials by combining maximum efficiency, optimal logistics (10 years storage) and minimal environmental footprint (non toxic and biodégrababilité);

In the plenary session Boban Cekovic presented the decontamination and neutralization performance of the DEC’POL immediate decontamination glove on the real agents, which are summarized below;

Carole Dougniac, R & D Engineer, has prepared a poster on the transfer and neutralization capabilities of the DEC’POL glove tested on simulants of chemical and biological agents.

Oral presentation
B. Cekovic, C. Dougnac, T. Pollet, L. Ouvry, L. Sutulovic, K. Mazanec, M. Skoumal. DEC’POL (New emergency decontamination mitt) Decontamination and neutralization performance overview on real agent.

To post
C. Dougnac, T. Pollet, L. Ouvry, A. Sellik, FNR Renaud, DJ. Hartmann, S. Briançon: “Experimental characterization of DEC’POL decontamination properties on simulated agents


Meet in 2 years for the next meeting.