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From the Technical Section of the Army to Ouvry

Specialized in CBRN protective systems and decontamination, Ouvry has developed an offer for which it is internationally renowned.

These innovative products are intended for all defense, security and safety practitioners, in brief, to those who risk their lives to protect us.

This innovative and highly specialized French SME hires experienced experts. Within this context, the company makes it possible for experienced military officers to successfully return to civilian work life.

Ouvry has just employed Steve Arnould, non-commissioned officer experimenter in personal protection at the Technical Section of the French Army, as CBRN technician and experiments, at the company’s headquarters, in Lyon.

“I got to know different Ouvry products: masks, suits, gloves, socks, has an experimenter for DGA (Directorate General of Armaments) qualification, recounts Steve Arnould. I wanted to meet a human-sized company to succeed in my professional reconversion. While others would focus on statistics, this company told me about its projects. Ouvry puts first and foremost the soldier’s protection, which perfectly reflects the values shared by the Technical Section of the Army. After 20 years in the military life, it’s a new life for me.”

Defining with its clients the CBRN protection and decontamination system most appropriated to their needs, proposing permanent innovations, investing in research programs in collaboration with scientific partners, constantly experimenting: this development approach leads Ouvry to recruit qualified multidisciplinary staff, who fully share this vision. Steve Arnould, as many others within Ouvry’s teams, perfectly embodies this recruitment policy.