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Interview with Thierry Pollet on the occasion of his 5th years at Ouvry !

” I am very satisfied to be able to work in a dynamic company, in contact with young and motivated engineers and technicians. At Ouvry, the search for efficiency is the key word!

As a chemical engineer for 22 years at the French Institute of Textiles and Clothing, I gained experience as a project manager for R§D, technical monitoring, certification and as a manager of the chemical testing laboratory and then as a manager of key accounts.

Motivations :

At 51 years old, I wanted to diversify my horizons by integrating an industrial structure. OUVRY was looking for a senior engineer for an R&D manager position. I applied to return to my first love, research and its application.

Five years ago, I was looking to join an SME because, in my opinion, it was a guarantee that I would be entrusted with a wide variety of tasks and missions. I thought I could bring my experience to support all the company’s processes, whether they are commercial, research, technical development or project management. I wasn’t disappointed!

Astonishment :

From the outset, what surprised me the most and quickly convinced me that I had made the right choice was to see how far the level of internal structuring of this SME of 11 people had progressed. In addition, I quickly realized that all of its activities and intangible assets were worthy of an ETI and even of companies with much larger workforces.

New horizons :

The company’s R&D activities have enabled me to integrate a rich scientific ecosystem, both at the national level through projects carried out for the DGA or our Defence and Civil Security clients, and at the European level, more particularly on the H2020 CBRN programmes which involve multinational industrial cooperation. I was thus able to quickly grasp this specific universe of the CBRN, and in particular that of the protection of civilian and military actors who act according to highly technical requirements.

In addition to these activities, I provide support and technical advice for product development actions, material quality monitoring and product certification actions. I am thus involved in the definition and monitoring of the quality assurance of projects and programmes and I am consulted in the process of monitoring and quality management to maintain the company’s certification. Finally, I contribute and advise on the company’s communications at professional or scientific conferences and events.

Many satisfactions :

Among all that I appreciate, I feel great satisfaction in being able to evolve in a dynamic society, in contact with young and motivated engineers and technicians. At Ouvry, the search for efficiency is the key word! The working methods are therefore adapted and adaptable, reactive, sometimes unpublished! It is necessary to know how to do it “differently“. It is therefore very motivating on a daily basis and it is what allows me to continue to evolve.

The future and my aspirations :

Of course, if I know that I can still move forward, there is one area on which I would like to be able to devote more time and energy. I believe that for an industrial company whose activity has, since its creation, been driven by innovation, knowledge and monitoring activities upstream of future research programmes would deserve a greater share of analysis and exploitation time.

My best memories ?

The best moments at Ouvry are those of internal seminars and events that bring together employees, our partners and also our customers. These special moments are, I believe, the cornerstone that guarantees the establishment and sustainability of a positive atmosphere within the company. This atmosphere is based on solidarity and mutual trust. This is what leads to the creation of a united team. These are also important moments of conviviality. Some very good memories remain attached to these occasions for 5 years.