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We announced at the end of 2019 in this article [1]: the Polyagri® is in the final of the EPIDOM challenge!


After 2 years of work with QUALITROPIC and the farmers of the French overseas departments, the Polyagri® has been redesigned and now includes the expectations in terms of comfort and practicality facing the tropical climatic conditions (significant heat and high humidity level):


Optimal comfort and simultaneous protection:




Durability: With its 90 maintenance cycles and knee-butt-elbow reinforcements, Polyagri® guarantees a long-lasting level of protection. This garment can be reused more than 90 times and avoids the proliferation of plastic waste, unlike other “disposable” garments.

All the explanations on this challenge and the winners are in following video: The EPI Overseas version [2]


On the strength of these innovations, OUVRY has allied with PB Sécurama, a specialist in professional agricultural equipment, to distribute the POLYAGRI® suit:


OUVRY and PB Sécurama announce their agreement for the marketing and after-sales service of POLYAGRI® suits with complementary protective equipment for farmers, such as glasses, boots, masks and gloves. This agreement ensures PB Sécurama the distribution of OUVRY equipment to farmers throughout France and French overseas departments and territories.

The two companies have joined efforts to carry out toxicological studies and to optimize the physiological tolerance of the POLYAGRI® suit, which offers revolutionary personal protection to all professionals handling phytosanitary and disinfectant products.


Natural complementarity between OUVRY and Sécurama:

A professional in protective equipment and safety at work, PB Sécurama is the specialist in PPE for the agricultural world. This company has a perfect knowledge of the constraints and needs and has always been able to offer avant-garde solutions. For its part, OUVRY is constantly innovating in the world of personal protective equipment (PPE) and is always close to the needs of its customers, mostly located in the professional sectors of defense, safety and security. This complementarity naturally led to the agreement announced today.



“Each profession has its own particularity. Therefore, it is important that the work clothing and safety equipment adapt to the daily-performed movements and actions. The work clothes and individual equipment we offer allow ensuring of the safety of the person, but also of his gestures”, explains Ludovic Ouvry, head of company Ouvry.


“PB Sécurama provides clothing, PPE and protective equipment necessary for the agricultural professions, in all productions of viticulture, horticulture, cereal growers… We select the biggest brands, such as OUVRY, to provide protective equipment dedicated for safety as much as for prevention and comfort at work,” says David Beck, co-director of PB Sécurama.


Find the Polyagri® on the website of our distributor PB SECURAMA [3]



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