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Ref : 540540BA

Polyagri® protects against phytopharmaceutical agents in liquid, vapor and aerosol form

Extremely light and ergonomic, the Polyagri® is the only outfit that combines optimal protection with such a working comfort. It allows a rapid evacuation of the heat, and thus reduces the risks of heat stroke.

It is CE certified to say expert (EPI category III)

Polyagri® is recommended in agricultural activities, especially viticulture, arboriculture, greenhouses:

  • With tractor without cabin
  • With a lance
  • With chase
  • With backpack sprayer
  • Mechanical spraying

Polyagri® is the ideal solution for:

  • Chronic Exposure to Chemical Fumes
  • Long tasks> 30 min
  • Hot and humid environments
  • Confined space


Protection :

Type of protection Performances Standards
Liquid chemical protection Conform EN 13034+A1

EN 17491-4 cabin tests

Repulsion plant protection agents > 90% ISO 22608 Prowl 3.3 EC
Performance requirements for protective clothing worn by operators applying pesticides and return workers ISO 27065 version 2017

The protection is unchanged in case of rain (wet suit).

Comfort :

Characteristics Performances Standards
Air permeability > 5 l/s.m² ISO 9237 (100 Pa)
Water-vapour resistance (Ret) < 7 m².Pa/W ISO 11092
Weight < 1.5 kg (size : XXL)

Durability :

  • Duration of use: 100h within one year
  • Washable at 40 ° C, drum drying 60 ° C: up to 10 maintenance cycles
  • High mechanical strength
  • Lifetime 10 years in its original packaging.

Composition :

  • Filter lining: activated carbon microbead filter media
  • Outer fabric: hydro & oleophobic, dark blue.

Optimal interface management :

  • Integrated hood and suitable for all types of masks.
  • Elastic anti-slip hood for optimal interfacing with mask.
  • Double inner sleeve and integrated slippers for overall protection.

Maximum ergonomics :

  • Elastic passes thumb.
  • Ergonomic and fast closing.
  • Inside tightening for size adjustment.
  • CE Category III PPE
  • In accordance with ISO 27065 version 2017
  • Antistatic Properties
  • Available in Instruction version – washable> 50 times
  • Recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Pulvécenter
  • MSA

“Our inspectors control sprayers are faced with all situations, so Pulvécenter uses the Polyagri® outfits since 2017”


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