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Meeting with Julien Billard for his 5 years in Ouvry as an operational director

We took the opportunity of the 5 year anniversary of Julien Billard within Ouvry, to ask him some questions to know more about his experience at Ouvry…

“I immediately endorsed Ludovic’s vision and we can say that this is what made me want to join the Ouvry adventure.”

Can you briefly present us your education background and previous work experience?

JB.: I hold an Advanced Technician degree in Plastics, completed by a master’s degree in production management, that is to say in the supply chain. Then I did a master’s degree in industrial purchasing. After my studies, I worked for 5 years in the automotive industry, in France and abroad. Then, I worked for 5 years in the field of sportswear manufacturing. I have now been working at Ouvry for 5 years.

What is your position at Ouvry?

JB.: The title is operational director. I am in charge of managing the purchase of raw material. My role is to control and manage the manufacturing and production, through to the product shipping process. It corresponds to the entire operational and industrial operations for the products manufacturing. I am also involved in the Defense programmes, as I manage the programmes and monitor the different contracts.

What are the required assets to do this job?

JB.: If you want to be operational director, you must be organized and methodical. It’s important to be open, which means pay attention to human relations both internally, and externally with customers. It is essential to have a technical background. Personally, I acquired this knowledge through my qualifications and experiences.

What do you prefer in your job?

JB.: There are three things that I love in my job. First of all, I like the relation with customers and suppliers, and negotiating… I love purchasing. Also, I appreciate travelling to implement projects with customers and suppliers, it’s always rewarding. Last but not least, I love setting up tools and procedures in order to make people’s life easier.

What is the most crazy thing you made at Ouvry?

JB.: It’s a tough question, there are so many… The most unexpected one was to travel to a surprising country where I thought I’d never go.
As for the craziest one, it must be the parties with my colleagues, and particularly the commercial seminar in Bayonne festival.