Filter CFO®CBR – Broad Spectrum

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Filter canister large spectrum A2B2E2K2 Hg P3 DR SX REACTOR NBC.

The CFO®CBR filter protects against :

  • Toxic industrial chemicals (TICs)
  • Chemical warfare agents (CWA)
  • Mercury vapors
  • Particules
  • Methyl iodure

Canister activated carbon and HEPA filter were developed for “Industrial risks” and “military threats”.

Threaded connection RD40 according to EN 148-1 standard and STANAG 4155. Meets class 2 requirements for EN 141 and NATO standards.

Composition : plastic

EU certified

Its design guarantees a very good behaviour to variations of temperatures and mechanical stresses.

  • Resistance to inhalation at 30 l/min : < 190 Pa (EN 14387+A1)
  • Resistance to inhalation at 95 l/min : < 900 Pa (EN 14387+A1)

Mass : 340 g

Diameter : 110 mm

Storage life in its original sealed bag : 20 years

Storage conditions : -5°C/+30°C, RH < 80% , in its original sealed packaging Compatible with masks and blowing units (RD 40 thread)  

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