CBRN body bag

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Ref : 593001AA (Adult)

Ref : 593002AA (Child)

The CBRN body bag allows containment and evacuation of contaminated bodies. It was conceived to avoid cross-contamination during the body extraction.

The CBRN body bag is composed of a flexible, CBRN impermeable, and mechanically resistant material. Inside the body bag, an ultraabsorbant material is fixed : can absorb up to 8 liters of liquid contaminants in adult size, 5 liters in child size.

Light and ultra-compact, the bag is quick and easy to use.




Thickness 470 microns EN 964
Breaking resistance 150 N warp / 90 N weft EN 13934-1


Tearing resistance 75 N warp / 50 N weft EN 9073-4


Perforation resistance 10 N EN 836



Chemical resistance

L,HD,GB,GD,GA,VX in liquid

and aerosol form



HCN, ClCN, sulfuric acid,

sodium hydroxide

8h EN 374


Viral penetration Classe 6/6


ISO 16604
Blood penetration Classe 6/6 ISO 16603
Pre-decontamination (internal material)  
Absorption capacity 8L of liquids / Child-size: >5L of liquids NF T 90-361
  • Materials:
    • Outer: CBRN white material, CBRN impermeable that can withstand heavy loads with no risk of breakage.
    • Inner: ultra-absorbent material
  • Transparent window for body identification. Can be covered to hide the body
  • Easy transport: 3 handles on each side + 2 at the top + 2 at the bottom
  • 3 adaptable straps inside to secure the body
  • Secure and fast opening system :
    • gas tight zipper
    • zip pull: good prehension even with CBRN gloves
    • 3 side opening
  • Pocket on the front of the bag, to insert documents concerning the body
  • Valve with RD40 threading to evacuate gases
  • Seals can be placed on the bag’s zipper and pocket’s zipper (2 seals included with the bag)
  • Maximum withstood weight
    • adult size : 150 kg
    • child size : 60 kg
  • CBRN body bag can be frozen and incinerated
  • CBRN body bag is compatible with scanner imaging (no incidence on image)
  • Shelf life in its original bag : 10 years
  • Temperature range: -40 °C /+70 °C
  • CBRN filtering cartridge is sold seperately
  • NATO stretcher compatible
  • The outside of the bag is decontaminable
Unfolded dimensions Packaged dimensions Weight
Adult 220 x 80 x 20 cm 75 x 50 x 30 cm 4,5 kg
Child 160 x 80 x 20 cm 55 x 50 x 35 cm 3 kg

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