Filter CFO® Training

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Training filters are dedicated for a use during training in safe area.

Training filter has the same weight as a standard one and has the same breathing resistance as a real filter canister.

Its design guarantees a very good behavior to variations of temperatures and mechanical stresses.

The training filter features a significant advantage, as it can be used repeatedly and the inner part of the filter can be quickly desinfected.

  • No protection.
  • Theaded connection according to EN 148-1 / RD 40 and STANAG 4155.
  • Weight : 380 g ± 5%
  • Diameter : 112 mm
  • Height : 85 mm
  • Storage time : no limitation.
  • Storage conditions : -5°C/+30°C, RH <80%
  • Compatible with masks and blowing units (RD 40 thread)

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