OPC50® mask

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The OPC50® mask combines high protection, excellent long-lasting comfort and optimal ergonomics for the user:

  • The front part of the OPC50® is a mixture of chloro-butyl and silicone which gives it an unmatched flexibility on the market and a total bio-compatibility with all individuals (tests carried out by the French army). This mixture of materials makes it possible to obtain a very protective mask, more waterproof and more Comfortable to wear for long durations.
  • The OPC50 mask is equipped with internal air deflectors which direct the air entering the visor to eliminate any risk of fogging. This air flow management greatly reduces heat build-up.
  • The OPC50 mask is equipped with a panoramic visor offering an excellent field of view. The visor is optically corrected to eliminate any risk of distorted vision. Made from polyurethane the visor is flexible and can withstand military binding applications, including folding during transport. Resistance according to STANAG 2920.
  • Side cartridges allow the wearer to lower the head easily. For ease of use during  operations, the cartridge can be worn either left or right.
  • Adapted to operational conditions with many accessories: optimized harness and Comfortable, protective visors, voice amplifier and microphone, electronic port, mask vision device, interfacing with MO headphones, carrying bags and CBRN protection.

Reduced overall cost: The OPC50® mask, with its reduced annual maintenance and annual inspection operations, has a lower operational cost than other masks on the market.

The OPC50® mask is manufactured in Lyon and is CE certified for NRBC environments.


Equipped with an NRBC filter, the OPC50® protects against war poisons, TICs, biological and radiological risks.

Type of protection Performances Standards
Weight 490 grams
Field of view Conform EN 136
Transmission of light ≥ 90% EN 167 : 2002 article 6
Ballistic protection V 50 215 m/s STANAG 2920
CWA liquid protection ≥ 24 h SD liquid test – HD 10 g/m² (37°C)

Tests on rubber and visor:

Type of protection Performances Standards
Protection sign   ≥ 10,000 EN 13274-1: 2001 test method part 1
Resistance to inhalation ·        30 l/min è 5 mm  Water column

·        95 l/min è 15 mm Water column

·        160 l/min è 25 mm Water column

Resistance to exhalation

Available in 3 sizes: S, M, L.

The OPC50 ® mask is compatible with a number of accessories:

  • Assisted ventilation equipment with a maximum airflow of 180L / min (EZAIR, C420, MISTRAL)
  • Filter cartridge with thread RD40 according to EN 148-1
  • Radios (TPH700, Acropol, PRC152, peltor helmet, etc …)
  • Ballistic helmet, helmets, fire helmet, etc …
  • CE certified
  • STANAG 2920 ballistic protection
  • EN 136
  • EN 167: 2002 Article 6
  • EN 13274-1: 2001 part 1

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