DECPOL ABS® – Emergency decontamination wipe

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Polyvalent wipe for emergency decontamination of surfaces and equipments. Through the combination of a superabsorbent materials DECPOL ABS® wipe can :

  • Decontaminate more than 99% of chemical and biological agents by transfer
  • Reduce cross contamination risks and contaminated powder  release.
  • Does not cause overcontamination.

DECPOL ABS® is intended for dual use: Defense, First-Responders, and Industry.

DECPOL wipe is a simple, fast and effective solution in case of chemical and biological contamination, which avoids cross-contamination.

Technical data
Material’s absorption capacity 40ml NF T 90-361
Surface decontamination factor by transfer:
HD > 99% According to NATO Standard STANAG 4653
PR NF X 52-123
VX > 99 %   According to NATO Standard STANAG 4653
PR NF X 52-123
Skin decontamination > 99,5% According to NATO Standard STANAG 4625


     1. Absorption by capillarity:

Fast transfer of contaminants within microfibers. The contaminants will then diffuse throughout the thickness of the hyperabsorbent material, allowing an optimal contact with the catalysts already present in the material.

     2. Non-aerosolization:

Its physical design makes it possible to optimize its efficiency and prevents any release of toxic. DEC’POL® therefore avoids the risks of cross contamination by limiting the release of powder and powder inhalation that may contain toxic substances.

  • AEP 58
  • STANAG 4625
  • STANAG 4653
  • NF T 90-301
  • Reference NNO : 4230-14-602-4022

Instructions for use:

  1. Identify area of contamination and put the CBRN gloves on
  2. Blot the surface during 1 second
  3. Fold the wipe with the contamination inside
  4. Finish by wiping (if equipment) or blot (if skin)
  5. After use, isolate the used wipe in the packaging and follow procedure for contaminated waste disposal.

Procedure of use


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