Evacuation bag

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Specially designed for the transport of CBRN contaminated casualties from the field to the ART, while allowing the realization of emergency medical procedures.

Ensures containment of contaminants to avoid contamination of medical team and transport personnel, vehicle or aircraft used to extract the victim.

  • Small footprint
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • No maintenance, no consumables
  • Ensures self-decontamination of the victim through :
    • Liquid risks : DECPOL ABS® technology, absorbtion material inside the bad absorbs chemical
    • Vapor risks : a media filter fabric with microspheres of active carbon absorb chemical vapors.





Thickness 470 microns EN 964
Tensile strenght 150 N warp / 90 N weft EN 13934-1
Tear strenght 75 N warp / 50 N weft EN 9073-4
Puncture resistance 10 N EN 836
CBRN Protection
HD, L, GB, GD, GA, VX 48h
HCN, ClCN, sulfuric acid, sodium, hydroxyde 8h EN 374
Viral agents / Penetration of blood Class 6/6 ISO 16604 / ISO 16603
Absorption >1L (600% of its weight) NF T 90-361
Surface decontamination (HD, VX ). 99%   NATO-STANAG 4653


  • Clasp locker closure with adhesive sealing tape
  • Zio fastener for a good grip even when wearing CBRN gloves
  • Clear window to monitor the victim’s progress
  • 10 handles (3 on each side, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom).
  • 3 adjustable internal straps to maintain the patient.
  • Clear pocket for materials and documents
  • Head outside for quick access to the respiratory tract
  • Integrated in the bag hood for the containment of the air made with active absorbing material DECPOL inside.
  • Butyl neck brace for optimal sealing.
  • Compatible with masks ARFA, OC50, FM53n etc and escape hood NH15 etc.
  • Supported maximal weight : 150 kg
  • Single use
  • Shelf life in its original bag : 10 years
  • Option with NH15 available


Adult Children
Dimensions (cm) 200x100x25 140x100x25
Packaging (cm) 70x50x40 50x50x40
Weight (kg) < 2,5 < 2

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