Filter CFO® Lacry

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Filter canister combined A2P3 D R

The A2P3 D R filter used with a full face mask or half mask offers reliable protection against a wide range of hazardous agents.

The filter offers protection against solid and liquid aerosols, smoke and smoke products, radioactive particles, micro-organisms, fibres (e.g. asbestos), hydroxides, organic solvents with a boiling point above 65°C such as benzene, toluene, decane, xylene and cyclohexane.

Threaded connection RD40 (40×1/7”) according to EN 148-1 and STANAG 4155.

Made of resistant plastic in black color.

Its design guarantees a very good behaviour to temperature variations and mechanical stresses.


  • Resistance to inhalation at 30 l/min : < 130 Pa (EN 14387+A1)
  • Resistance to inhalation at 95 l/min : < 490 Pa (EN 14387+A1)
  • Mass : 270 g
  • Diameter : 112 mm
  • Storage life in its original sealed bag : 10 years
  • Storage conditions : -5°C/+30°C, RH < 80% , in its original sealed packaging Compatible with masks (RD 40 thread)

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