OCPU® Chemical Protective Undergarment

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Air permeable CBRN undergarment OCPU ®  protects against CBRN agents in vapour form during 24 hours, according to NATO standards.

The undergarment is manufactured with a filter fabric based on activated carbon spheres, which offers an optimal fit and comfort.

Easy to don, OCPU® undergarment can be worn under regular clothes, to maintain operational abilities.


Protection :

Type of protection Performances Standards
CWA vapour protection > 24h OTAN AEP 38

Comfort :

Characteristics Performances Standards
Air permeability > 500 l/s.m² ISO 9237 (100 Pa)
Water-vapour resistance (Ret) < 7 m².Pa/W ISO 11092
Weight < 1.3 kg

Durability :

  • Shelf life guarantee in its original bag : 10 years
  • Out-of-bag life : 1 year
  • Wear time : 10 utilizations
  • Washability: 40°C – Dry at 60°C : 10 washing cycles
  • Re-usable as training suit (only if not contaminated)
  • The chemical protective undergarment must be worn with adapted CBRN hood, CBRN mask and canister, CBRN gloves and CBRN socks.

Composition :

  • Air permeable filter fabric based on activated carbon spheres.

Optimised interface management:

  • Elastic at the end of the sleeves and trousers for optimal management of the interfaces.

Maximum Ergonomics:

  • One piece close-fitting undergarment.
  • Conform to AEP 38
  • Reusable in instruction version if not contaminated
  • Pilot of Rafale and Mirage
  • EOD

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