OPPS®- Ouvry Pilot CBRN Protective System

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OPPS® system is a complete CBRN aircrew protective system made of above-the-neck and below-the-neck sub-system.
Autonomous :

  • Energy self-sufficient
  • No extra OBOGS fluid consumtion for demisting

Egonomic and low physiological burden :

  • Air permeable
  • Thin
  • Stretchable

Multiplatform : 

  • Helmet, O2 mask, flight coverall compatible
  • Aircraft compatible
  • Rotary wing configuration available

Compatible with daily aircrew equipment, OPPS® is a cost effective solution with low logistical foot print and low training costs.
Qualified by DGA for the missions conducted by the French Armed Forces.

  • Windblast : ejection safe
  • Kerosene fire : resist 8 seconds at 800°C
  • Centrifuges : > 6G proven
  • Altitude chamber: in flight valsalva
  • Swatch and Whole System Test :  chemical warfare agents resistant.

Above-the-neck protection :

  • CBRN fire resistant hood
  • Demisting system
  • CBRN hardened O2 mask with anti-drowning system
  • PAPR and canister


Below-the-neck protection : worn under the daily flight coverall

  • OCPU® CBRN undergarment
  • Second skin® CBRN undergloves
  • CBRN socks

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