CBRN Combat suit

REF: 540090AA Category:

Ref : 540090AA

The air permeable CBRN combat suit protects against all CWA agents
(Chemical warfare), in liquid, vapor and aerosol form during 24 hours
According to NATO standards.
Lightweight, ergonomic and very robust, combat clothing provides the user with optimal comfort and protection adapted to operational requirements. It allows a rapid evacuation of the heat, and thus reduces the risks of heat stroke.

The combat clothing is particularly adapted to:

  • Accidental or intentional exposure to vapor and liquid hazards
  • Long tasks> 2h
  • Hot and humid environments
  • Confined spaces

Protection :

Type of protection Performances Standards
Chemical warfare agents in liquid, vapor and aerosol form > 24h OTAN AEP 38

The combat suits protects even after rain (wet suit).

 Confort :

Characteristics Performances Standards
Air permeability > 150 l/s.m² ISO 9237 (100 Pa)
Water-vapour resistance (Ret) < 7 m².Pa/W ISO 11092

Durability :

  • 10 washing cycles
  • High mechanical strength
  • Limited flame spread: conforme ISO 15025 – Méthode A
  • Shelf life guarantee in its original bag :10 years
  • Out-of-bag life: 1 year

Composition :

  • Lining: Air permeable Filter fabric based on activated carbon spheres.
  • Outershell: Oil and water repellent treated & fire retardant.

Optimised interface management:

  • Integrated hood adapted to several masks.
  • Anti-slip hood for optimal interfacing with mask.

Maximum Ergonomics:

  • Jacket and pants
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Pockets on knees and elbows for removable anti-trauma or ballistic
  • Inserts.
  • Color: camouflage, dark blue, black, other colors on request
  • Conform to AEP 38
  • Camouflage and adaptable colors
  • Available in Instruction version – washable> 50 times
  • FELIN NBC Outfits
  • EM COS
  • Italian Army
  • Guardia Civil

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