SIM KIT® – GB, HD and VX simulant

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The compact SIM-KIT® is perfectly suited for training, training and realistic NRBC training. It contains 3 simulants with the same physicochemical characteristics as the real agents in terms of persistence, color, viscosity, volatility and behavior in water.

The SIM-KIT ® compact works with equipment and detection systems in the following categories: Detector paper PDF1, CALID 3, Anachemia, flame or ion mobility spectrometers, detection, warning and identification devices AP2C, AP4C, LCD3 .3, …

The simulants are also fluorescent, and are therefore detectable thanks to the UV lamp supplied in the kit.

The SIM KIT® simulants are easy to use, safe for user and environment, and biodegradable.

HD-SIM: methyl salicylate: Yellowish liquid, oily appearance, spreads rapidly or produces droplets on the surface. Not soluble and denser than water. HD profile characteristic on field detectors. Persistence equivalent to HD agent. Low volatility at 20 ° C. Red to detector paper. Contains a fluorescent tracer visible under UV lamp.

VX-SIM: polypropylene glycol monobutyl ether: viscous yellow to brown oil spreading rapidly on the surface. Not soluble in water. Profile V on field detectors. Very persistent. Very low volatility at 20 ° C. Green paper detector. Contains a fluorescent tracer visible under UV lamp.

GB-SIM: Dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether: Colorless liquid that spreads rapidly on surfaces. Characteristic profile on field detectors. Persistence expressed in hours comparable to GB. Very high volatility at 20 ° C. Yellow to paper detector. Contains a fluorescent tracer visible under UV lamp.

Composition of the compact SIM kit®:

  • 1 drop bottle of 20 ml of HD simulant
  • 1 drop bottle of 20 ml of VX simulant
  • 1 drop bottle of 20 ml of GB simulant
  • 1 UV lamp + 3 AAA batteries
  • 1 book of detector paper

The SDS (safety data sheets) and the safety instructions are delivered on a USB key attached to the simulation kit.
The assembly is packaged in a shockproof and waterproof case equipped with a pressure relief valve.
Dimensions of the enclosure: H 5.3 x L 23 x P 17.5 cm

“Since the implementation of real warfare agents is almost impossible, the SIM KIT® represents an interesting alternative that would allow me to validate certain functions of detection and analysis at less cost and without real dangers.

The fluorescent tracer can effectively remove the doubt in case of malicious use but could also be used to verify the effectiveness of decontamination operations carried out after CBRN reconnaissance missions. “

Independent Consultant Expert in CBRN Defense Technologies

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