DECPOL RAD® – Radiodecontamination wipes

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Radiological decontamination wipe designed for the decontamination of surfaces, equipment and skin.

DECPOL RAD® wipes are composed of a 100% viscose non-woven wipe impregnated with RADECOM®, a degreasing solution for radiological decontamination.

They allow manual decontamination of all types of surfaces (smooth or with asperities), equipment and the skin. DECPOL RAD® is the ideal answer in case of radiological contamination:

  • Decontaminates surfaces by removal of fixed and labile radiological contaminants
  • Does not create over-contamination by spreading, nor redeposition
  • The impregnation of the wipe with RADECOM® solution is optimized without generating excess liquid.
  • Does not release particles or microfibres on the decontaminated area

Wipe manufactured using a glueless fibre assembly process using high pressure water jets “spunlace”:

  • 100% viscose non-woven
  • Lint free
  • Inert
  • Skin friendly
  • Very good wiping and absorption performance

DECPOL RAD® is folded and packed in plastic bags of 10 wipes.

  • 1st action: chemical action of the impregnating solution RADECOM® which detach the particles from the surface.
  • 2nd action: mechanical action of the wipe which removes the detached particles from the surface.
  • Shelf life in original packaging: 5 years
  • Wipe size: 32 cm x 18 cm
  • Storage and use temperature: -21°C / +71°C
  • Packaged in waterproof bags of 10 wipes and boxes of 20 bags
  • Bag size: 21 x 12,5 x 3 cm
  • Incinerable according to current procedures
  • Open the bag and take out a wipe without unfolding it
  • Methodically scrub the contaminated surfaces, folding the wipe over regularly
  • Rinse with clean water if possible.

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