CBRN Butyl gloves OG07®

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The 0.7 mm Butyl gloves “OG07®” protect against CBRN agents and a broad spectrum of toxic industrial chemicals.

Their ergonomic design makes it easy and fast to don and doff. The thin material allows a high Maximum ergonomics of tactility and dexterity. The long cuff assures a proper interface management with the CBRN protective suits.

Gloves also include undergloves, for better comfort.


Protection :

Type of protection Performances Standards
Acetone > 480 min EN 374
Methanol > 480 min EN 374
Ethyle acetate > 120 min EN 374
Chemical warfare agents > 24h Laid droplet, dual flow HD, 10 g/m²

Mechanical resistance :

Characteristics Performances Standards
Abrasion resistance Level 0 EN 388
Cut resistance Level 0 EN 388
Tear strengh Level 1 EN 388
Puncture resistance Level 0 EN 388

Comfort :

Characteristics Performances Standards
Dextérity Level 5/5 EN 420
Average weight 175 g
Thickness 0.7 mm

Durability :

  • Lifetime: 10 years in their original packaging protected from UV rays.

Composition :

  • Composition: butyl rubber, smooth and impermeable surface
  • Injection moulded gloves
  • Colour: Black

Available in 4 sizes

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