CBRN Containment Bag

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Ref : 592001AA

The  containment  bag  is  based  on  a  soft  barrier  material  that  has  an excellent chemical resistance. It allows a safe storage and carrying of CBRN contaminated materials, in order to avoid spread and cross contamination.

Specially developed for first responders, SIBCRA teams, investigative police and military teams.

The containment bag can also be used to ensure a proper waste management of CBRN contaminated materials.

Available in 3 sizes.


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Protection :

Type of protection Performances Standards
Chemical resistance L,HD,GB,GD,GA,VX in liquid and aerosol form 48h
HCN, ClCN, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide 8h EN 374
Viral penetration

Blood penetration

Class 6/6 ISO 16604
Class 6/6 ISO 16603

Mechanical resistance :

Type of protection Performances Standards
Thickness 470 microns EN 964
Breaking resistance 150 N warp / 90 N weft EN 13934-1
Tearing resistance 75 N warp / 50 N weft EN 9073-4
Perforation resistance 10 N EN 836

Multilayer material with high tear resistance to contain very heavy materials. Easy to use and leak-proof double seal closing system. Fuel and decontamination agent resistant.

Available in three sizes.

Small bag :
Reference  : 592003AA
Dimensions : 30 x 17 cm
Volume : 2 L
Medium bag :

Reference : 592001AA
Dimensions : 75 x 30 cm
Volume: 30 L
Large bag :
Reference  : 592002AA
Dimensions : 115 x 61 cm
Volume : 110 L
Lifetime in original packaging: 10 years

Operating temperature: -40 ° C / + 70 ° C

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