CBRN Polyvalent canister : MILCF50

REF: 111004AA Category:

Ref : 111004AA

The  MILCF50  provides  an  enhanced  protection  against  all  CBRN  agents according to the Nato Tryptic D103. In addition, the filter protects against toxic industrial chemicals (TICs).

The canister is made of a HEPA filter against aerosols  and a chrome-free activated carbon against vapor agents.

The wide range protection makes it suitable for military, first responders and law inforcement involved in both CBRN, TICs and riot control opera-tions (CF, CN, OC agents).


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  • The MILCF50 canister is made of a high engineered flame retardant black matt polymer PPE/PS, which reduces any type of reflection (radar, ir, thermal signature) with anti-magnetic features and an enhanced robustness.
  • Its light weight and conformal shape with a low profile and a close fit to the mask reduces neck loading.
  • A humidity  indicator  is  located  on  the  top  of  the  filter  and  shows  the degradation of the charcoal due to moisture intake.
  • Mask interface: DN 40mm thread : STANAG 4155
  • Weight (without packaging) : <335 grams
  • Diameter : 111 mm
  • Breathing resistance : 4.5 mbar to 85 l/min
  • Shelf life guarantee in its original bag : 10 years

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