EZAIR™ Airflow system


The  Ezair  is  the  smaller  and  lighter  airflow  system  on  the  market.  This innovative  system  very  easy  to  use,  improves  CBRNe  protection  and drastically  reduces  mask-wearing  fatigue,  thanks  to  low  breathing resistance. Instead of needing two filters to provide blown air, the Ezair only

requires a single filter. It is compatible with most of CBRN masks and filter canisters.

The Ezair accepts low cost readily available batteries. The system can be used in degraded mode and batteries can be removed during the operation without  contaminating  air  supply.  There  is  no  need  of  specific  tools  to change batteries.


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The EZAIR blower is scalable and can be used in two different configurations depending on the operating conditions:

Simple cartridge EZAIR+ Double cartridge EZAIR+
Flow rate 60 L/min 120 L/min
Protection factor > 2000 10 000
Size h 7 cm x d 12 cm L 420 mm x l 140 mm x h 115 mm
Weight (without cartridge) 0.77 kg 1.5 kg
Batteries 4 Commercial lithium batteries CR123 6 Commercial lithium batteries CR123
Operational noise < 60 dB < 60 dB
Flame resistance EN 403 EN 403
Standards CE CE

The EZAIR + blower can be connected to one or two cartridges depending on the operating conditions:

EZAIR+ Airflow system
Characteristics of the airflow system EZAIR + -Improves the respiratory comfort compared to the simple port of a cartridge without blower

-Compact and lightweight

-Easy to use

-Compatible with most NRBC masks (no RD40 screws)

– Works with commercial batteries.

-The air flow adjusts to the type of the cartridge so as not to over-consume battery.

-The blower can operate in degraded mode, the change of battery can be carried out without breaking of protection or specific tooling.

-Audio alert in case of weak battery or malfunction


2 modes of use : Simple cartridge EZAIR+ Double cartridge EZAIR+
Composition of the kit: -Airflow system EZAIR +

-Airflow system cover (with MOLLE and belt strap)

-Power hose

-Heat protection pipe

-Airflow system EZAIR +

-Module adapter for cartridges

– Adapter module cover (backpack)

-Power hose

-Heat protection pipe


Operator benefits:
Respiratory comfort ++ ++++
Operational time ++ ++++
Protection Factor > 2000


10 000
Ergonomics -Sort belt

-Fitted hose designed ergonomically to avoid tension on the shoulder

-Easy-to-carry backpack type system

– Ergonomically designed supply hose to avoid shoulder tension


Applications :
  Missions and operations requiring moderate physical activity:

Decontamination operations

Control Points


Missions and operations requiring strong physical activity

Hostage taking,

Recognition and monitoring of buildings, etc.

  • Shelf life guarantee in its original bag : 10 years
  • Blower size : 7 x 12 cm
  • Hose length : 94 cm
  • Low battery alarm (can be programmed to silent) and Run/Stop signal
  • Operational temperature : – 25°C / + 39°C
  • EMI shielded : MIL-STD-461


Accessories :

Removable belt and integrated MOLLE panel securely mounts unit.
Filter canister NBC/P3 or large spectrum.

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