Repair kit

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Ref : 530001AA

The  CBRN  repair  kit  grants  a  24  hours  protection  against  chemical agents in liquid, vapour and aerosol forms, according to NATO standards.

All the patches are completely impermeable to chemical agents and can be used to temporary repair small tears on suits or gloves.

Each patch has a self-adhesive face and a transparent silicon paper, that allows the user to easily stick it on the tear, even while wearing CBRN gloves.

Chemical protection :

  • 24 hours in contaminated atmosphere (SD liquid test, HD – 10g/m²)
  • 3 rectangular patches.
  • CBRN material, self-adhesive face and silicon paper.
  • Easy to remove silicon paper even with gloves.
  • Colour: transparent
  • Can repair damaged outershell of maximun size < 7 cm.
  • Packed in a small transparent plastic bag with zipper. Easy opening
  • Guarantee 3 years in its original bag

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