Second skin® : CBRN Under gloves

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Ref : 512000AA

CBRN under-gloves grant a 24h protection against all chemical warfare agents in vapour form, in contaminated environments.

Second  skin ®   are  manufactured  with  a  flame  retardant  filter  fabric, made of Nomex ® , which offers an optimal fit and comfort. The design and the low thickness of these under-gloves permit maintaining a high dexterity.

This equipment is dedicated to pilot staff, EOD specialists and fire-fighters.

Protection :

Type of protection Performances Standards
CWA vapour protection > 24h  AEP 38

Comfort :

Characteristics Performances Standards
Air permeability > 500 l/s.m² ISO 9237 /100 bar
Water-vapour resistance (Ret) > 7 m².Pa/W ISO 11092
Thickness of the material 1,3 mm

Durability :

Characteristics Performances Standards
Flame limited progression Conform ISO 15025 – Method A
Bursting pressure > 200 kPa ISO 13938-2
  • Washable 10 times
  • Lifetime: 10 years in their original packaging
  • Duration of use (10 interventions): 1 year

Composition :

  • Nomex air permeable Filter fabric based on activated carbon spheres.

Maximum ergonomics :

  • American Cup with thumb ricochet
  • Wrist Level Elastic.
  • Elastic at the opening of the under-glove
  • Their thin thickness allows the operator to maintain maximum dexterity

Color: black

  • Conform to AEP 38
  • Reusable for instruction (if uncontaminated).
  • Fire retardant version available : Ref. 512000AC

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