Fluorescent markers kit

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Kit composition:

  • fluorescent tracer water soluble in powder form.
  • fluorescent tracer oil soluble in liquid form.
  • A small portable UV lamp (on battery) to see the 2 types of tracer.
  • Protective glasses against the UV rays of the lamp

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The colorless UV tracer powder is water soluble and is designed for leak detection applications. The UV tracer powder is only visible under a 365 nm wavelength UV lamp (fluorescent blue color). Quantity : 250g


The UV liquid tracer is soluble in oil, fuel, diesel, and petrol and can be used to locate leaks at welded and joints. The UV liquid tracer is red under visible light, and fluorescent yellow under a 365 nm wavelength UV lamp.

Its unique 50 ml syringe format offers several practical advantages:

  • Easy injection, more precision with the tip of the syringe
  • Easy dosing, scale printed on the syringe
  • Cleanliness, no drops, screwable resealable tip


The 365 nm wavelength UV lamp and a pair of protective glasses against UV are provided. The UV lamp uses 2 AAA batteries included in the kit. Lighting distance: about 10 cm.

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